Enhance Your Wix Site with Our Apps

Unlock a world of possibilities with Digital Brains' diverse range of Wix applications. Our expertly crafted apps are designed to integrate seamlessly with your Wix site, providing enhanced functionality and a superior user experience. From client management to e-commerce enhancements, our apps cover all your needs, making your website not just a site, but a powerful tool for your business.

Simplify client interactions and boost your online presence with our suite of applications. Whether you're looking to add booking systems, e-commerce capabilities, or improve your site's SEO, our Wix apps are tailored to help you achieve your goals effortlessly.

Our commitment to innovation ensures that each app we offer is not only functional but also user-friendly. Experience the ease of managing your business online with our intuitive and powerful Wix apps, designed to grow with your business and elevate your digital presence.

Client Management Made Easy

Streamline your client interactions and manage appointments with ease using our sophisticated client management apps.

E-Commerce Excellence

Boost your online sales with our advanced e-commerce apps, designed to enhance the shopping experience for your customers.

SEO and Marketing Tools

Increase your site's visibility and attract more visitors with our comprehensive SEO and marketing applications.

Custom Solutions

Need something unique? We offer custom app development to ensure your specific needs are met with precision.


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WhatsApp Icon


Message and call friends and family for free.

Star 4.7 (20000)

Free plan available

Facebook Icon


Connect with friends, family, and people who share your interests.

Star 4.5 (8574)

Free plan available

Instagram Icon


Share your photos and videos with the world.

Star 4.3 (10334)

Free plan available

Twitter Icon


Stay updated with the latest news and trends.

Star 3.9 (9509)

Free plan available

LinkedIn Icon


Professional networking and career opportunities.

Star 4.1 (7654)

Free plan available

Snapchat Icon


Share moments with friends and family.

Star 3.7 (6100)

Free plan available

TikTok Icon


Create and share short videos with the world.

Star 4.4 (9800)

Free plan available

YouTube Icon


Watch, upload, and share videos.

Star 4.6 (12300)

Free plan available

Reddit Icon


Join communities based on your interests.

Star 4.0 (8900)

Free plan available

WeChat Icon


Message, call, and share photos with friends and family.

Star 4.2 (6500)

Free plan available

Telegram Icon


Fast and secure messaging app.

Star 4.8 (15000)

Free plan available

Viber Icon


Free messaging and calling app.

Star 4.6 (14000)

Free plan available


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